Adopt a Hive...

Have you ever wanted your own Bee Hive, but you just do not have the time or the knowledge to maintain?​ Then you should Adopt a DG's Honey Hive. 

When you adopt a hive, all the hard work is removed, as we ensure that your colony is properly cared for. While we are at it, you are more than welcome to put on a bee suit and learn about how to care and maintain the hive. 

DG's Honey will extract and sell the honey to our existing suppliers and to thank you for Adopting a Hive, we will provide you with some of the liquid gold that is extracted from your hives. 

To safely have a hive on your property it is recommended that your block of land be 500m2 or greater. We also recommend that you discuss your intentions with your neighbours to ensure that you do not have any severely allergic neighbours. 

The Benefits of Adopt A Hive

  • DG's Honey will maintain the hive and extract the honey.

  • Your flowering plants and fruit trees within you area will be well pollinated.

  • You will be doing your part in helping to maintain a healthy bee population.

  • You will own your own hive within 12 months. 

Please contact us if you would like to know more.


**some cost involved in adopting a hive** 

Register your interest...

Is anyone in your household allergic to bee stings?
Are any of your neighbours allergic to bee stings?
Do you have children under 5 years of age?
Do you use any chemicals regularly that may be harmful to the bees i.e insecticides?