Why buy our Hives?

DG's Custom Built Hives Features
  • 100% Australian Made

  • White in Colour

  • Self Extinguishing

  • UV Stabilised 

  • Waterproof

  • Light Weight

  • Made with Thermo Plastic Polymor

  • Fully Vented Lids

  • Comes with Adjustable Cleats

  • Suitable for Stacking

DG's Custom Built Hives Benefits
  • 100% Australian Made

  • No Painting Required

  • No Chemical Treating Required

  • Resistant to Mould and Mildew 

  • Lead Free

  • Resistant to Acids and Alkalines

  • Resistant to White Ants and Termites

  • Fits 10 Full Frames

  • Same External Dimensions as a traditional wooden hive

  • Larger Internal Dimensions as traditional wooden hive

  • Fits on top of existing tradtional wooden hive

  • Easy to Clean

  • Quick Assembly

  • Fast Delivery

Buy our Hives...

Brood Boxes Package

Our brood box package includes bottom board, 10 frame brood box, lid, vents and lifting cleats. As with all DG's Custom Hives there is no need for painting or chemical treatments. For more information and current pricing please contact us.

$97.50 + GST

Honey Super Box

Our Honey Super Box package includes Honey Box and Cleats. Again, the benefits of these hives is that they have substantial thermal properties and maintain a constant temperature inside the hive. An added advantage is that due to the make-up of our hives you can successfully place 10 frames into the super all of which will be fully built out for ease of extraction. For more information and current pricing please contact us.

Pictured is a Brood and Honey Super Box

$45 + GST

Nuc Hive

DG's Custom Hives also make Nuc Hives with the same quality product as our brood boxes and  Honey Supers. Our Nuc Hives come with a fully vented lid ready for your new colony to move in. 

$50 + GST

Native Hive

DG's Custom Hives has added a Native Hive to their range. Below pictured sitting on top of a Brood Box lid. The Native Hive comes three boxes high with a fully vented lid. 

$90 + GST