Extraction Process

Step 1 - Robbing the Hives

This is done when the honey is fully capped, approximately three months. The Bee Keepers approach the hives using a smoke machine and in full protection to extract the full frames from the hives.

Dg's Honey, Raw Honey, Honey, Yeppoon, Bee Hives
Step 2 - De-Capped

The full frames are placed into the De-Capping Machine to remove some of the wax from the hives. Any wax captured from the de-capping machine is strained and later processed to ensure 100% pure bees wax is obtained. We reuse this wax to make our candles or to sell at $16 per kilogram.

Step 3 - Spun

The De-Capped Frames are then placed into a radial extractor and spun at varying speeds to ensure that the honey is spun out of the frames.

Step 4 - Strained

The honey is then placed into a sump which has three screens and the honey flows through these screens into  storage tubs. There is no heat applied to the extraction process at any time.

Step 5 - Bottled
Dg's Honey, Raw Honey, Honey, Yeppoon, Bee Hives