Australian Manuka Honey (Jelly Bush Honey)

Manuka Honey

DG's Honey have sourced 100% pure, raw Australian Manuka Honey or  better known as '"Jelly bush" or Australian Manuka  honey. 


The medicinal qualities of this honey has been certified and this harvest of Jelly bush Honey has a minimum activity rating of 550+ MGO, meaning it contains at least 550 mg of Methylglyoxal per kilo of honey when tested. An important factor with Jelly Bush honey is,  as it ages the MGO levels increase.  

What is so great about Jelly bush honey?


Besides being antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, Jelly bush honey also provides nutrients and stimulates tissue regrowth. It is analgesic and stimulates the immune system.


When used on open wounds, Jellybush honey helps to draw the exudate from the wound and prevents ammonia production – thereby reducing odours from the wound.


To Use Jelly bush Honey as a medicine:


Internally: Eat pure, undiluted Jelly bush honey to:


  • Treat Coughs, colds and influenza.

  • Treat Gastric ulcers and other gut disorders

  • To inhibit the development of mouth and throat ulcers resulting from chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Externally:  Apply Jelly bush honey topically to treat:

  • Tropical ulcers

  • Diabetic ulcers

  • Gangrenous tissue and necrotic tissue

  • Surgical wounds

  • Burns, including radiation burns

Jellybush honey has been shown to inhibit the growth of

  • Escherichia coli;

  • salmonella typhimurium,

  • shigella sonnei,

  • listeria monocytogenes,

  • staphylococcus aureas,

  • bacillus cereus and

  • streptococcus mutans

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