Our Hives

DG's Honey currently has 70 hives located in the Yeppoon Region. DG's Honey is run by father and son duo Graham and Daniel Richards and first started as a hobby, however has grown significantly to keep up with the demand. 

Not only does DG's Honey sell their raw honey and wax, but they also sell their custom made hives and frames - either empty or ready for you to produce your own honey.

DG's Honey designed a bee hive that is able to withstand the Australian conditions. These hives are maintenance free, no painting, no chemical treatment and they are environmentally friendly. The hives are UV stabilized, resistant to insect, chemical and heat and fire resistant.

To find out more about our custom built hives that are made to order, please contact us

We have provided custom made hives to:

Denmar Apiaries

Alrica Honies